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Tinos Greece Map & Tinos Travel Information, Sightseeing, Museums, Ferries to Tinos Greece

Tinos, Greece


Tinos, Cyclades, Greece
Tinos Greece is one of the islands of the Cyclades cluster, located at close proximity to Andros and Mykonos, in the middle of the deep blue Aegean. It is renowned for its sacred Church of Megalohari, the protector of the island. Tinos is also the birthplace of famous artists. Fine campaniles, marble lintels, and amazing dovecots decorate every corner of this beautiful island. Tinos Greece is a typical Cycladic island, with fertile plains and rugged hills, where natural beauty is plentiful.   Due to the Church of Megalohari, the island is packed with people from all over the world, especially during the period of August 15, when the Festival of Panagia Megalohari takes place. In general, Tinos is a major tourist resort during the summer months, but is also visited throughout the year due to the Church of Megalohari.

Tinos Island Greece Area / Population / Capital
The island of Tinos occupies an area of 194 sq. km, it has 7,800 inhabitants and its capital is Tinos Town or Chora.  

Attractions & Sightseeing in Tinos Greece

Sightseeing in Tinos Greece:
While in Tinos Greece, you should definitely visit:

  • The Church of Panagia Megalohari, the Wall of the Ancient Town, the Monastery of Agia Triada, admire the amazing dovecots and the village Triandaros in Tinos Town
  • The dovecots and the ruins of Ancient Exobourgo, as well as the village Tarabados in Kambos
  • The relics of the Neolithic Era and the Graves of the Geometrical Era in Kardiani
  • The Sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitriti in Kionia
  • The Church of Agios Ioannis in Komi
  • The spring, the house of the famous sculptor Giannoulis Halepas, the Monastery of Agia Xeni and the churches, as well as the green marble quarries and the sculpture workshops in Pirgos
  • The villages Loutra, Kalloni, Krokos and Volax in Komi

Museums in Tinos Greece:

  • The Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery and the Tinos Sculpture Gallery in Tinos Town
  • The Museum of the Artists of Isternia in Isternia
  • The Folklore Museum in Komi
  • The Sculpture Museum in Pirgos

Natural Sites in Tinos Greece:

  • The Gastria Cave in Kionia
  • The two caves of Panormos

Sports / Recreation in Tinos Greece
If you have a boat, you can visit all the beautiful beaches on Tinos Island. You can dock and refuel in Tinos Town. Beware of the strong winds.

Entertainment in Tinos Greece
On the island of Tinos, there are many traditional taverns serving traditional dishes. The major holiday resorts also have bars and clubs, as the past few years Tinos has turned into a favourite Aegean getaway for the sophisticated youth and not only.

Local Events in Tinos Greece:  

  • The festival – tribute to the heroes of the cruiser “Elli” and the Festival of Panagia Megalohari take place on August 15, and the Festival of Agia Pelagia on July 23 in Tinos Town
  •  The Festival of Agia Paraskevi on July 26, the festival of Panagia Katapoliani on September 1, the Festival of Stavros on September 14 and the Festival of Agia Thekla on September 24 in Isternia

Local Products in Tinos Greece:
If you wish to get some souvenirs from Tinos you can buy wicker baskets in the village Volax, works of art made by the artists of Tinos, marble sculptures in Pirgos and many delicacies.

Major Towns / Cities / Villages in Tinos Greece
Tinos Town or Chora, Tinos Greece
Along the seafront of Tinos Town, there are restaurants, taverns, pastry shops, and tourist stores, while if you walk up the central road, passing through picturesque alleys and traditional houses, you will reach the magnificent Church of Megalohari.

Isternia, Tinos Greece
Perched on a slope, with magnificent views, the village of Isternia is one of the most attractive spots on the island of Tinos. The half ruined windmills, the marble cobbled roads and the scenic houses, make the already appealing landscape into a breathtaking setting. Its well sheltered beach is ideal for swimming when northern winds blow.

Pirgos, Tinos Greece
Pirgos is the most beautiful and impressive village in Tinos and one of the most traditional villages of the Cyclades cluster. Everything is made of marble, giving it an aristocratic air. Pirgos is home to the Fine Arts School and the birthplace of famous artists.

Kardiani, Tinos Greece
Kardiani is a very beautiful village, with running waters and lush vegetation, as well as marble houses and buildings. It has a wonderful beach lined with some trees and some straw umbrellas and boasting crystalline waters.

Transportation in Tinos Greece
By Ferry Boat:
From Piraeus Port and Thessaloniki Port, ferries depart for Tinos Greece, all year round, but more frequently during the summer. The voyage from Piraeus Port to Tinos Port takes 4 hours and 50 minutes. Speedboats to Syros depart from Rafina Port, as well. Syros is also connected to the Cyclades Islands, the Islands of the NE Aegean, Crete and Skiathos.

Useful Telephone Numbers for Tinos Greece:

  • Tinos Police Department: +30 22830 22255
  • Tinos Tourist Police: +30 22830 23670
  • Tinos Town Hall: +30 22830 22234
  • Tinos Taxi Station: +30 22830 22470
  • Piraeus Port: +30 210 4226000 to 03
  • Tinos Port: +30 22830 22348
  • Rafina Port: +30 22940 22487 or +30 22940 22300
  • Thessaloniki Port: +30 2310 531505

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