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Syros, Greece

The island of Syros is the capital of the Cyclades cluster and is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, north of the island group. It is considered to be the nymph of the Aegean Sea, as it stands out with its synthesis of sandy coasts, verdant countryside and significant archaeological and historical monuments rendering Syros a superb vacation destination. The coasts of the island of Syros are full of small and large gulfs with beautiful golden beaches and azure waters making the island a beautiful resort, ideal for quiet and peaceful holidays. During the summer months, the island attracts many visitors, while it has a large population all year round.

Syros Island Greece Area / Population / Capital
The island of Syros occupies an area of 84 sq. km, it has 20,000 inhabitants and its capital is Ermoupolis.

Attractions & Sightseeing in Syros Greece

Sightseeing in Syros Greece:
Syros Greece has a rich history, and this can be seen in the amount of sites and attractions on the island.

  • The main square, the Town Hall, the Cultural Center, the Municipal Theatre, the Church of Agios Nikolaos, the Vaporia Quarters, and the churches of Metamorphosis, Kimisi Theotokou, Agios Nikolaos and many more in Ermoupolis
  • The churches of Agia Varvara and Agios Dimitrios, the Catholic Church of Agios Georgios, the Monastery of the Capuchins and the Jesuits, the square, the Cultural Center, the ruins of the fortification of the Prehistorical Acropolis and the Necropolis Halandriani in Ano Syros
  • The ruins of the small fortress and the scenic Church of Agios Stefanos in Galissas
  • The sunset from the settlement of Kini
  • The villages of Episkopio and Talanta in Ermoupolis
  • The village of Manna in Azolimnos
  • The village of Chroussa in Vari
  • The village of Danakos in Galissas
  • The countryside Parakopi and the region of Agathopes in Possidonia

Museums in Syros Greece:

  • The Archaeological Museum and the Art Gallery of Cyclades in Ermoupolis
  • The Marcos Vamvakaris Museum in Ano Syros
  • The Historical Archives in Ano Syros

Natural Sites in Syros Greece

  • The Siriga Fountain in Ano Syros
  • The Alithini and Plati Vouni Caves in Ano Syros

Sports / Recreation in Syros Greece
If you have a boat you can visit the bays with the beautiful beaches. You can dock and refuel at Ermoupolis.  

Entertainment in Syros Greece
At the island of Syros you will find plenty of traditional taverns with local delicacies, as well as a good selection of cafeterias, clubs and atmospheric bars along the coast.

Local Events in Syros Greece:

  • The Apanosyria Cultural Events that take place in Ano Syros every two years
  • The Festival of Analipsi in Azolimnos
  • The Festival of Panagia on August 15 in Vari
  • The Festival of Agios Stefanos, at the cave, on the last Sunday of August in Galissas
  • The Festival of Agios Petros on June 29 and the Festival of Panagia on August 15 in Kini
  • The Festival of Agios Ioannis on August 29 in Possidonia
  • The Festival of Agios Panteleimonas, on July 27 in Phinikas

Local Products in Syros Greece:
On the island of Syros Greece you can buy the famous marshmallows, nougats, candy, handmade shoes and beautiful weavings.

Major Towns / Cities / Villages in Syros Greece
Ermoupolis, Syros Greece
Cosmopolitan capital and picturesque port the town of Ermoupolis is the dazzling jewel of the island of Syros. Built amphitheatrically on the slope, it is full of neoclassical buildings and mansions, whitewashed houses, stone-paved alleyways and palm trees. You can find a very good selection of traditional taverns and bars lined on the port and also hidden throughout the quaint alleyways.

Ano Syros, Syros Greece
Built amphitheatrically on the hill of Saint George, the region of Ano Syros has a medieval character. From the foot of the hill, you can climb the stairs, leading you through narrow alleys full of cubicle houses and verdant balconies. The view from the highest spot of the settlement is breathtaking.

Galissas, Syros Greece
Galissas is one of the most appealing resorts of the island of Syros, with lots of green and running waters. Its beautiful beach makes it the top destination on the island. There is a wide array of cafés, tavernas and anything else you desire.

Possidonia, Syros Greece
Possidonia is the most beautiful coastal settlement on the island of Syros. It is the favorite resort of the inhabitants of Syros, and has neoclassical mansions, spacious flowered gardens, and a wonderful sandy beach.

Azolimnos, Syros Greece
Azolimnos is an attractive settlement which has become a much-frequented tourist resort. It has a lovely sandy beach with very clean waters and is a favourite as it is very close to Ermoupolis.

Transportation in Syros Greece
By Ferry Boat:
From Piraeus Port, ferries depart for Syros Greece, all year round, but more frequently during the summer. The voyage from Piraeus Port to Syros Port takes 4 hours. Speedboats to Syros depart from Lavrio Port, as well. Syros is also connected to the Cyclades Islands, the Dodecanese Islands, the Islands of the NE Aegean, and Samothraki.

Syros Greece Sea Travel Information:

  • Piraeus Port: +30 210 4226000 to 03
  • Syros Port: +30 22810 88888
  • Lavrio Port: +30 22920 25249

By Airplane:
From the Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” in Spata, there are flights to the Syros Airport all year round. The flight lasts approximately 35 minutes. The Syros Airport is located 4.5 km from Ermoupolis.

Syros Greece Air Travel Information:

  • Syros Airport: +30 22810 87025
  • Olympic Airways in Athens: +30 210 966-6666
  • Olympic airways in Syros: +30 22810 82634

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