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Athens Greece Map of Athens Hotels, Sightseeing, Museums, Travel Information Attica

Athens, Greece


Athens Attica Greece
Attica is considered the most important prefecture in Greece due to the fact that it is comprised of a plethora of archaeological and historical monuments and at the same time provides ultra-modern buildings and districts, as well as secluded suburban areas that are surrounded by magnificent landscape. The prefecture of Attica Greece is a wonderful destination both for summer and winter vacations, as it possesses several coastal and mountainous settlements attracting visitors all year round. Attica Greece borders with the prefecture of Viotia on its north and northwestern side and the prefecture of Corinth on its western side, and its  capital is -of course- the city of Athens. The morphology of the prefecture of Attica is an amalgam of imposing mountains, fertile plains, infinite coasts and several other natural sites of unique beauty.

Attractions & Sightseeing in Athens & Attica Greece

Sightseeing in Athens & Attica – An Athens Greece Tourism & Travel Guide

From the many sites and attractions in Athens Greece, we recommend visiting the Acropolis and the brand new Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Agora, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Greek Parliamentary Building, the National Gardens, the Kallimarmaro Stadium (Panathenaic Stadium), Lycabettus Hill, Syntagma Square, the quarters of Plaka, Monastiraki, Psiri, and Thisseion, the Presidential Manor, the Institute of Technology, the Kapodistrian University, the Athens Music Hall, the Siniea Academy, the Valianios Library, the Areopagus (Mars Hill), Adrian's Library, the Keramikos Cemetery, Philopapou Hill, Pnyka Hill, Adrian's Arch, the Roman Agora, the Clock of Andronikos Kiristos, the churches of Kapnikarea, Agii Apostoli, Agios Eleftherios and Agioi Theodori and the monasteries of Dafni and Kaisariani.

In Piraeus, you should see the remains of the ancient fortifications, the ruins of the theater, the Grave of Themistoklis, the Titanios Park, the Municipal Theater and Kastella Hill.

Other worthwhile sites and attractions in Athens-Attica, Greece, include:

  • The Sanctuary of Posseidon in Sounio
  • The Amfiaraio Sanctuary in Agioi Apostoli
  • The Vravrona Archaeological Site
  • The Byzantine churches in Koropi
  • The ancient mines, the sanctuaries of Dionysus and Dimitra and the theater of Thoriko in Lavrio
  • The Marathon Ancient Site, and the churches and the monasteries in the surrounding area
  • The hagiographies by Fotis Kontoglou at the church of Zoodohos Pigi in Paeania
  • The necropolis in Porto Rafti
  • The Church of Christ Sotiras in Spata
  • The Sanctuary of Dimitra, the ruins of the parliament and the Ploutonion in Elefsina
  • The Church of Evagelismos in Kriekouki
  • The Monastery of Panagia in Varibobi
  • The hagiographies in the churches in Maroussi
  • The Tower of the Duchess of Plakentia and the monastery in Penteli
  • The fortress and the monastery Kliston in Fili
  • The Prehistorical settlement and graves in Agios Kosmas

Museums in Athens & Attica Greece:

In the Athens City, you can visit the National Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis Museum, the Anthropological – Ethnological Museum, the Agora Museum, the Atlantis Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Byzantine Art Museum, the Goulandris Museum, the Botanic Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of Delphic Feasts of Angelos and Anna Sikelianos, the National Art Gallery, the Museum of Eleftherios Venizelos, the Museum of Hellenic Pop Art, the Museum of Greek Musical Instruments, the Epigraphic Museum, the Zoological Museum, the Theatrical Museum, the Museum of Cycladic and Ancient Greek art of Nikos Petros Goulandris, the Museum of Sacred Icons, the Historical Museum of the University of Athens, the Historical – Ethnological Museum, the Kanellopoulos Museum, the Museum of Keramikos, the Gem Museum, the Cultural Collection, the Museum of Modern Athens, the Benakis Museum, the Currency Museum, the Shell Museum, the Palamas Museum, the Art Gallery of the Municipality of Athens, the Kouvoutsakis Art Gallery, the War Museum, the Train Museum, the Literary Center of the Municipality of Athens, the collection of Genadios Library, the Athenians Club Library, the Physics Collection of the Evgenidis Institute, and the Postal Museum.

Piraeus also has its share of museums, including the Archaeological Museum, the Municipal Library, the Municipal Art Gallery, the Historical Archives, the Commercial Maritime Museum, the Museum of Nautical Tradition, the Nautical Museum and the Panos Aravadinos Museum.

Other Attica museums to visit are:

  • The Agioi Apostoli Museum
  • The Vravrona Museum
  • The Mineralogical Museum in Lavrio
  • The Marathon Museum
  • The Dimosthenios Library and the Museum of Modern Art of I. Vores in Paeania
  • The Elefsina Museum
  • The Skironio Museum in Kineta
  • The Museum of Georgios Drossinis, the Municipal Library and the Telecommunications Museum in Kifissia
  • The Museum of Giannis Tsarouchis and the Museum of Natural History in Maroussi
  • The Dimitris Pieridis Art Gallery in Glyfada
  • The Museum of International Sea Research Moshakio in Kavouri

Natural Sites in and near Athens Greece:
If you are interested in seeing natural sites during your stay in Athens Greece, we suggest:

  • Marathon Lake & Dam
  • Koutouki Cave in Paeania
  • Davelis Cave in Penteli
  • Vouliagmeni Lake

Sports / Recreation in Athens & Attica Greece
If you are an aficionado of excursions, sailing, trekking, and hiking, you can contact the Hellenic Sightseeing Club at +30 210 524-8600, the Hellenic Mountain Hiking Club at +30 210 321-2355, the Federation of Greek Excursion Unions at +30 210 330-2341 and the Hellenic Sailing Federation at +30 210 940-3111, all of which are located in Athens, Greece.

In Piraeus, there are five municipal departments that have athletic grounds for Olympic Sports. You can contact the Department of Athletics at: +30 210 413-6355. Additionally, you can call the Hellenic Nautical Club at +30 210 417-9730 and the Hellenic Rowing Federation at +30 210 411-8011. If you have a boat, you can dock it at the Zea Marina (+30 210 451-1480) or at Mikrolimano Port (+30 210 411-0287).

On the eastern coast of Attica Greece, you can dock your boat in Lavrio or Oropos, while on the western coast of Attica Greece, you can ask for docking accommodation in Porto Germeno.

If you are a fan of hiking, northern Attica has some of the best areas for the sport, such as Mt. Kitheronas in the region of Petalo with the Tsakos Vaggelis shelter, Mt. Parnitha with the Bafi shelter and the Flabouri shelter. Mt. Parnitha also offers a fully-organized casino.

If you have a boat, you can dock it at the marinas of Alimos, Vouliagmeni, Glyfada and Flisvos, located on the southern coast of Attica. Sunbathers and water sports lovers can spend their days on the organized beaches in the same area of Athens Greece.

Entertainment in Athens & Attica Greece
All over the prefecture of Attica, and especially in Athens, Greece and the larger neighbourhoods in the city, there is an endless array of entertainment venues. An infinite selection of restaurants, taverns, fast food restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs, discos, cinemas, and theaters are at your disposal.

Local Events in Athens & Attica Greece:
There are many events that take place all around the year in Athens Greece and the surrounding area. The most popular are:

  • The nautical week in July, various exhibitions, and the festivals in honour of the saints in Piraeus
  • The dive for the cross on the day of the Epiphany, on January 6 in Rafina
  • The “Aeschylia” cultural events in August and September in Elefsina
  • The summer swimming contest in Porto Germeno
  • The cultural events in June, the celebration of Shrove Monday and the floriculture exhibition in Kifissia
  • The cultural events in September in Nea Erythrea
  • The folklore festival in June in Alimos
  • The cultural events in July, August and September in Vouliagmeni
  • The various exhibitions at the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Faliro

Local Products of Athens & Attica Greece: In Koropi, Markopoulo, Paeania and Spata you can buy wine, while at the greater area of Eastern Attica you can find high-quality meat, fish and dairy products. Vilia and Megara in Western Attica, are also very well-known for their meat. A northern suburb of Athens Greece called Maroussi is the place to buy lovely ceramic artifacts.

Major Towns / Cities / Villages in Attica Greece
Athens Greece
Athens is the capital of the prefecture of Attica and of course the capital of Greece. In Athens, you can find everything your heart desires. Although Athens Greece is not the most popular holiday destination in the country, it does have the largest number of sightseeing attractions, a plethora of traditional shops, modern shopping promenades, and bazaars, as well as thousands of restaurants, taverns, clubs, bars and cafés to choose from.

Piraeus Attica Greece
Piraeus is the main port of Attica and Greece, and the second largest town of the prefecture. Like Athens, Piraeus was a significant town during antiquity and provides a number of marvellous sites and attractions, as well as entertainment venues along the seafront.

Kifissia Attica Greece
Kifissia, located at northern Attica just a few kilometres from Athens City, is one of the most renowned suburbs of the prefecture, due to the fact that it is a very verdant area, full of luxurious villas, posh boutiques, and major shopping centers.

Anavissos Attica Greece
Anavissos is one of the most frequented coastal areas of southern Attica, packed with large hotel resorts, quaint fish taverns and impressive mansions.

Kineta Attica Greece
Kineta is a renowned tourist resort, located at western Attica Greece, with beautiful houses, situated in beautiful natural settings.

Rafina Attica Greece
Rafina is another popular seaside resort in Attica, which is frequented by many Athenians. It is characterized by its major port and many summer holiday houses.

Transportation in Athens – Attica Greece

By Ferry & High Speed Boat:
From Piraeus Port and Zea Marina, boats depart for almost all ports of continental Greece and the Greek Islands. Eastern Attica ports also serve many destinations in Greece. The ports of Rafina, Lavrio, Agia Marina and Oropos have even begun to take over some of the itineraries from Piraeus Port.

Athens Greece Sea Travel Information:

  • Piraeus Port: +30 210 422-6000 to 03
  • Lavrio Port: +30 22920 25249
  • Rafina Port: +30 22940 22487 or +30 22940 22300
  • Agia Marina Port: +30 22940 63491
  • Oropos Port: +30 22950 37270

By Airplane:
From the Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” in Spata, there are flights to towns in continental Greece, the Greek Islands, many European cities and all major cities on the other 4 continents.

Athens Greece Air Travel Information:

  • Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”: +30 210 353-0000

By Train:
In Athens there are two major train stations that serve hundreds of towns, hamlets and villages in Greece. The Athens Metro, the gem of the city, has 3 lines that transport passengers throughout Athens, quickly and comfortably.

Athens Greece Railway Travel Information:

  • Athens Train Station (Larissa Station): +30 210 529-7777
  • Athens Train Station (Peloponnese Station): +30 (210) 513-1601
  • Piraeus Subway Train Station: +30 210 417-4013
  • Athens Metro: +30 210 679-2399

By Bus:
In Athens Greece there is an infinite number of urban buses that can transport all over the city, as well as five central intercity bus stations from where buses depart for destinations throughout Greece.

Athens Greece Bus Travel Information:

  • Attica Bus Station: +30 210 822-5148 and +30 210 822-6345
  • Kifissos Bus Station: +30 210 512-4910 to 11
  • Liossion Bus Stattion: +30 210 831-7179
  • Egyptou Square Bus Station: +30 210 823-0179
  • Thisseion Bus Station: +30 210 324-4448

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