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Argolida Greece Map & Argolida Travel Information, Sightseeing & Attractions in Argolis Peloponnese

Argolida Peloponnese Greece


Argolida Peloponnese Greece

Argolida Greece is one of the prefectures of Peloponnese and is renowned for its beautiful historical sights, glorious towns and traditional villages, as well as its pristine beaches, which lie along its coasts. Holidays in Argolida Greece are always exciting and fun as you want them to be.

You can choose to go sightseeing in Mycenae and Ancient Epidaurus, go swimming to the magnificent coasts of Tolo, or spend a weekend in Nafplio one of the liveliest and most charming towns in Greece. It is really worth exploring Argolida Greece to discover its treasures.

Argolida Greece Area / Population / Capital:
The prefecture of Argolida occupies 2,214 sq. km in area and has 105,770 inhabitants. The capital of Argolida Peloponnese Greece is Nafplio.

Attractions & Sightseeing in Argolida Greece
In Argolida you have endless options for sightseeing, as attractions are many. Depending on the location you are staying at or the time you wish to dedicate to sightseeing you may visit attractions, such as:

  • The archaeological site in Mycenae with the Lions’ Gate and the domed tombs, as well as the findings at the archaeological museum
  • The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
  • The fortresses in Nafplion Town, such as Palamidi, Acronafplia and Boutzi
  • The Komboloi (worry beads) Museum, the Archaeological, the Folk, the War and the Children’s Museum in Nafplio
  • The Larisa Castle, the ancient agora, and the ancient theatre in Argos
  • The archaeological site of Asini
  • The prehistoric site of Ancient Lerna in Myli
  • The archaeological site and the ancient remains in Tyrintha
  • The relics of the ancient citadel at site of Midea

Sports / Recreation in Argolida Greece
If you have a boat you can dock and refuel at Nafplio Port (for fuel call +30 27520-28494). Some coves you can dock are Tolo, Porto Heli, Kilada, Ermioni, Ancient Epidaurus.

Entertainment in Argolida Greece
At the biggest town of Argolida, such as Tolo, Nafplio, Porto Heli, Kosta etc you will find nightlife venues as these places are popular tourist resorts all year round. Nafplio in particular has rather exciting nightlife, while it is a picturesque place to enjoy your dinner at, in one of the coastal tavernas or a restaurant at the old town.

Local Events in Argolida Greece
  • The Fishermens’ Festival in Ermioni on Ash Monday
  • The cultural festival in Thermissia on March 25
  • The “Burning of Judas” on Easter Sunday in Ermioni and Porto Heli
  • The “Burning of Barabbas” in Nea Kios on Good Friday
  • The Music Festival in Nafplion in summer with international artists
  • the Epidaurus Ancient Drama Festival during the summer months in Ancient Epidaurus
  • The “Mikrasiatika” and “Kiana” festivals in Nea Kios in July and August
  • The “Trata” Festival in September in Tolo
  • The Wine Festival in Karakasi, a village renowned for its wines

Local Products in Argolida Greece
Nafplio and Lygourio, right off Epidaurus are renowned for the tasty handmade pasta. In Argos you will buy melons and citrus fruits, while from Tracheia, you can buy dairy and cheese.

Major Towns / Cities / Villages in Argolida Greece
A truly charming city due to its picturesque old town with the traditional style houses, its coastal promenade lined with cafés, bars, restaurants and traditional tavernas. Nafplio features beautiful sights, lovely nearby beaches and is the perfect place to stroll, as it has large marble paved squares.

Popular seaside resort with long stretches of sand and calm crystal blue waters. The beach is well organized, and there are nice hotels, restaurants and cafés catering to the tourists.

Argos is a big town renowned for its citrus and fruit produce the rest of the country and being considered an important commercial hub. It has There are some hotels and interesting sights, while if you want to go swimming you can drive to Timeni, about 6 km far.

Porto Heli
It is a coastal resort in a verdant area lying at a sheltered cove making a perfect natural harbour. In the area you will find a good number of upscale hotels hosting tourists all year round. There are beaches and small coves nice for swimming, at Agios Aimilianos, Petrothalassa, Chinitsa and Ververonda.

Epidaurus is one of the globally renowned archaeological sites thanks to its theatre, renowned for its excellent acoustics. The archaeological site is located at a verdant area and visitors may admire the Asklipeio, the temple of Asklipios, the Dome, the stadium and many more.

The village of Mycenae lies off the site where the ancient city of Mycenae was located. It is famed for its exquisite archaeological site where you can admire the tombs, the Lions’ Gate, the Cyclopean walls etc.

Transportation in Argolida Greece
By Car or Intercity Bus
You can travel to Argolida Greece by car or bus via the National Highway. Intercity KTEL buses depart from Athens to Nafplio, Kranidi, Ligourio & Epidaurus Argolida. In case you travel to Argolida Greece by car, you should drive on the National Highway to Corinth. There are signs showing the way to Tripoli and then to Argos and Nafplion. Argos is 137 km from Athens and Nafplio is 149 km far.

By Train:
You may travel to Argolida Greece by train, as there are departures to Argos and Nafplio from Piraeus train station.

By Ferry Boat:
There are ferry boats departing from Piraeus Port to the coastal towns of Ermioni and Porto Heli.

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